Friday, October 18, 2013

Titanic exhibition

Sometime in September I went to see the Titanic exhibition with my friend. I had to, because Titanic is pretty much my favourite movie ever, and I am endlessly fascinated by the story itself. I can't explain it, I just am. So here are some pictures from that day.

Entrance ticket. Pretty cool actually.
Miniature Titanic yay. 

Too bad most of it was in French...

Recreation of a 1st class (I think) room.

Now this gives me the feels more than anything.

For some reason there was this huge brick of ice.
"We are all passangers on the Titanic." Kind of sad to think about.

It was alright. Not super fun but an experience nevertheless. I particularly like the numerous quotes on the walls, although I could not understand them all. That's all for now!


  1. Jeg liker IKKE titanic. Og jeg har NEKTA å se den. Har sett den to ganger på skolen. Den ene gangen gikk jeg ut etter en halvtime, den andre gangen la jeg hodet i pulten og stakk fingra i ørene. Mest fordi det skremmer meg at store båter kan synke (jeg pleier å ta hurtigruta) så det har alltid vært et mareritt....