Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Louvre: a trip down memory lane

So, in the beginning of September I visited the Louvre for the second time in my life. I was excited about that cause I kinda think history is interesting sometimes and stuff. Unfortunately for me, almost everything written in there was in French so I didn't understand much of it. And I learned art isn't really my thing after all... 

Still, it brought back a lot of memories, and funny enough I associated a lot of the works with things from my childhood. Without further ado, here are some of the things I saw that day.

Miniature Louvre! Just wow.
Ever since I first visited the museum as a young girl, I was weirdly fascinated by the sphinxes. For some reason I remember them to be huge sized, standing over me like giants, but it might have been me who was simply smaller than I remember. Because they turned out to be not so big after all. Not made of sand either (a childhood misconception of mine).

This thing right here though is one of my favourites. I don't know why. It's just pretty.

Beauty utensils.
I find it really funny to think that they even used tweezers 3000 years ago. I never knew how important looks were to people back then as well as today. Not much progress has happened it that department then.

Can you honestly look at these two and not immediately think of Hercules? Cause that's what I do. (I will also take this opportunity to bring to light that Hercules is one of my favourite movies ever.)

And these two, they remind me so much of that one movie with the guy that splits the water and everything. What's the name of it again? *Google* Ah, yes, The Prince of Egypt! Agree?

I was a tiny bit scared when I saw these though, as they resemble the weeping angels from Doctor Who, aka the scariest monsters of the entire show. 

I'm leaving you with some stuff that had me really understand the definition of modern art:
"I could've done that."
"Yeah but you didn't." 

 Until next time.


  1. LIKER!!! Jeg vil besøkte Louvre en gang - fordi Dan Brown skrev om det, heheheheheh!
    Veldig fint innlegg - og mange morsomme kommentarer fra deg, hihi! Likte den om kunst, da, veldig smart aaaas! Hercules - skal du se den moderne versjonen? Jeg gleder meg!!

    1. Fint at du liker! Moderne Hercules??? HELL YEAH :D

  2. I've also been to the Louvre but I don't really remember it >.<

    Modern art these days is ridiculous. In my opinion it's only art if it looks good; i'm not too fussed about whatever message it's trying to convey.

    1. Well whether it looks good or not is pretty much up to each individual tho.... :P