Tuesday, June 25, 2013

5 easiest cosplays

Last week a friend and I decided we wanted to go to Desucon, which is the largest anime convention in Norway. I've already been there three times, and had a good time most of it, but last year I didn't go, due to lack of interest in the anime field. However, this summer my interest in anime has arisen from the dead, and I'm the biggest fangirl I have ever been.

Now seeing that Desucon is only 4 days away, I found it impossible to come up with a proper cosplay in time. Also I have never actually cosplayed before. But I have done some research, and here are a few easy cosplays ideas if you're in a rush or have little money!

1. L (Death Note)
The first time I went to Desucon, 4 years ago, almost everyone cosplayed L. And I can see why! It's super easy! A white jumper, blue jeans, some eyeliner and black hair are the only requirements. I bet many already have these in their closets. And it might also be a good idea to carry a sugary snack like banana, muffin or chocolate, since L is known for his "diet". 

2. Misa Amane (Death Note)

Another Death Note character! n__n'
While she may look difficult, Misa Misa is known to wear gothic/punk, sometimes very revealing clothes and black platform boots. Her pigtails are her trademark, and having blonde hair isn't necessary; in the live-action movie she has brown hair.

3. Okabe Rintarou (Steins;Gate)

You guys should've seen this coming! I am obsessed with this guy (as I was happy to elaborate in my Steins;Gate review). And take a look at his outfit, it's insanely easy. Brown trousers, black belt, grey sweater, and a lab coat. But don't forget about the stubbles, they're very important. 

4. Misty (Pokemon)
Everyone knows Misty from Pokemon, right? Just look at how simple her outfit is! I'm actually thinking about cosplaying her myself, if I can get hold of some shorts, a yellow shirt, and perhaps some red suspenders. Red converse would also be perfect for this. 

5.  Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto)
Young Sasuke can be easy to cosplay, if you have the right equipment already. Grab a headband, blue shirt, white shorts and some bandages and you're set. I think the arm things he wear can easily be sewn.

So those are some very easy cosplay ideas for both boys and girls! What do you think? If you know of other easy characters to dress up as, shout out in the comments! 


  1. Nice post..
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  2. The easiest cosplay I can think of is Wing from Hunter x Hunter. He basically wears a shirt that's half tucked in and half hanging out. Can't get much easier than that.

  3. Hi there ^^ Thanks for commenting in my blog! I came to visit you :) I like your blog. I didn't know you have Desucon in Norway! We have a Desucon in Finland too, it's one of the most popular conventions.

    Easy cosplays? Chi from Chobits would be extremely easy if you just wanted to walk around in an extra large men's collar shirt haha! :D It does require a wig, hair accessories and the Chobit ears, though.

    ps. unrelated to cosplay but I want to go to Norway sometime!! I love your header pic, it's beautiful. Is that from your home city??

    1. I agree that Chi would be somewhat easy too XD
      The picture is from a city called Bergen, it's the second largest city in Norway (unfortunately not my hometown T__T)

  4. i think u can cosplay a lot of things easily but to cosplay it looking GOOD, that takes effort Dx (or maybe natural beauty LOL)

  5. These are some great ideas! None of them quite right for me, though. :)

    I haven't been to a con, but I had a chance to imitate Tenten last year anyway. I don't quite want to call it cosplaying, because I was too cheap to buy anything special. Still, I was able to hint at her character well enough for people to recognize. I had the Hidden Leaf headband, and I wore a mini kunai on a necklace. With my hair in twin buns, a pink tank layered with a white one, and capris, I pulled off a recognizable tribute to the ninja. I tried to find a Chinese-influenced shirt at a thrift store, but had no luck. I was inspired my something I saw on Deviant Art, which made me think that I didn't have to have an exact costume to give off the idea of a character. Of course, my outfit wasn't nearly as cool as what I saw in the pictures...

    If I were cosplay as a male character, I'd pick Brandon Heat from Gungrave in his younger form. That's easy: Black T-shirt, brown open vest, jeans, and a dog tag necklace, all the quality that a small time thief could afford or steal. But I kind of want to stick to girls. ^_^